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White Pine (JM-24950)

White Pine (JM-24950)

A couple of northern Wisconsin white pine, one small and the other of "medium" stature are reflected in the waters of Bayfield County's Hoist Lake. Or are there more than two? One can be pretty sure that somewhere nearby a small pine seedling, concealed by taller vegetation, is struggling to survive. But perhaps, if we look closely, another tree, a "ghost pine," is somewhere in the background ... the tree that bore the cone that contained the seed that
became our medium-sized tree. Maybe only a rotting stump is left ... maybe even that has gone. We are left wondering ... whatever happened to that parent tree? Did it become a part of someone's home, as paneling or furniture perhaps ... or did it just return to mother earth. When you walk in the woods and look at trees there are many unknowns and mysteries to contemplate ... it is a great part of the exercise if you are willing to spend the time.